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“Highly recommended book !!!” “MindWeb is the reproduction result of Eka Wartana’s thought and experience for so many years, and that contributes to success in his career. This book will be ‘living heritage’ of Eka Wartana for Indonesian and the whole world, who wants to substantially increase their effectiveness and productivity. If you do not

Mr. Prasetya M Brata, Mind Provocateur,

February 10, 2014, Comments Off
“TWO THUMBS UP! MindWeb book contains brilliant, original and applicative thinking concept. Wish the readers will be inspired by the unique idea in this book. I wish there will be more writer with original ideas like Eka Wartana that we are proud of!”. (Anthony Dio Martin, “Best EQ Trainer Indonesia”, Director of HR Excellency, Psychologist,

Anthony Dio Martin, “Best EQ Trainer Indonesia”, Director of HR Excellency,

February 9, 2014, Comments Off
“Reading MindWeb book really open my mind that thinking systematically, and integrated of all relevant aspects, can be learned with simple and practical method. MindWeb teach us to think in a right way that gives good results. All high level people and decision makers must read MindWeb book. By the way, all of us are

Juliana Bong, Professional

August 25, 2013, No Comments
“ Apparently, MindWeb book is extraordinary in developing ideas in my public speaking classes…. People that has no capability in public speaking, can have a much better self confidence because they know firmly what they are going to talk. Thanks for the idea and knowledge that is very useful.”

Andrian Mochamad W – Business Owner

August 25, 2013, No Comments