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We often hear the words: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

Many people will agree with this, but the concept of interconnection will view it in a different way. “The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend.”

If Alfa is the enemy of Beta, and Charlie is also the enemy of Beta, does it make Alfa is a friend of Charlie? Is it always the case? Not really. It can also mean Alfa is the enemy of Beta and Alfa is also the enemy of Charlie.

For instance, three men are in love with one woman.

If those three men are enemies with each other, “The enemy of your enemy is my friend” does not apply here. We often hear the story of two people who have the same enemy will be an ally to face their enemy. Sometimes, this situation happens temporarily. After they defeat their common enemy, the two people become enemies with each other.

Don’t we see this a lot in politics? What if we see it from a different angle? “The friend of my friend is my enemy”. That doesn’t even make more sense at all, does it? What’s right is: “The boyfriend of my girlfriend is my enemy!”

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