You Can Think Without Thinking, Of Course!

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To Think Without Thinking, Not Possible?

By: Eka Wartana, Founder of The MindWeb Way of Thinking

When Alfred Horner Munro announced his invention about automatic transmission for automobiles in 1921, many people were skeptical. How could the “gears” shift by itself?

Similar situation I faced when  introducing the concept of automatic thinking or to think without thinking. Many people felt doubtful. How come people could think without thinking? Human has brain for thinking process!

Many people forget that:

  • To think without brain is not similar to think without thinking
  • They have done the activities without thinking process in their daily life. People drive vehicles, go to the office without thinking, cooks cooking without thinking, even people breathing without thinking and their heart beat automatically!
  • Every human has conscious and subconscious-mind. To think without thinking is a delegation of thinking process from conscious-mind to subconscious-mind.

Subconscious-mind keeps all memories, feelings, beliefs in neuron-networks. The neurons are interconnected, Unfortunately, the interconnection is not strong enough to allow retrieval of interconnected information. Therefore, information, thought is processed separately. That is how people is thinking in a conventional way.

The MindWeb Way of Thinking suggests people to strengthen the interconnection of information, thoughts, so that all relevant information, thoughts could be retrieved instantly when required.

The important thing in MindWeb Way concept is the base of interconnection. It is not by memorizing it, but by creating the understanding of its interconnection. Understanding will establish stronger memory than just memorizing it.

Then, what are its benefits and advantages? Plenty benefits and advantages you will get for various functions: management (decision-making: avoid blunder decisions, problem-solving: access to various options holistically, and more), professions as well as for personal purpose: to avoid senility, to improve creativity, to enhance intuition, to strengthen memory and many more.

Everything is changing, except…. the way people think. Until when we let ourselves leave with this old way of thinking?

Now we have a new, yet much more effective and efficient way of thinking, why keep using conventional way?

Let’s leave the old-fashioned way of thinking and start a thinking breakthrough: The MindWeb Way of Thinking. It makes To Think Without Thinking possible!

To learn more about how To Think Without Thinking works, you can find the book: To Think Without Thinking – A Thinking Breakthrough from on this Link: The MindWeb Way

Warmest regards,

Eka Wartana

Professional Licensed Trainer (MWS International) with 33 years managerial experiences.

Founder: The MindWeb Way of Thinking, To Think Without Thinking

Author: To Think Without Thinking, MindWeb (English and Indonesian Edition), Berpikir Tanpa Mikir (Indonesian Edition)

Book Order: To Think Without Thinking-The MindWeb Way


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