Only Recent Ones Remembered

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Only Recent Ones Remembered

By: Eka Wartana

Remember your school days, all that’s left is the last lesson. Similar to that, people would remember the wills (last message) from the dying person.

Humans easily forget something. Kindness will be easily forgotten. Even if remembered, only the last one tends to be remembered.

Old goodness easily disappears with time. As if the principle: accepting the good is obligatory, doing good is facultative? How nice for that person!

Only good people always remember and repay the kindness of others. But when it comes to people’s mistakes, the memory becomes very strong.

Old mistakes, let alone new ones, will be firmly embedded in his memory. Even worse: the goodness of people do not need to be reciprocated, but people’s mistakes will be reciprocated with revenge …..

From the above attitude, what is the conclusion?

• Most people think negatively.

Good is often defeated by badness. Revenge, envy, one’s ego is more powerful.

Excessive ego often makes people forget very important things: religion, spirituality. People still like to hold grudges.

According to the National Science Foundation, 80% of human thoughts are negative. Even worse, it is mostly repetition. Imagine, how strong negative thoughts are transformed into his beliefs.

The solution to the general situation we face is very simple, but has a double effect:

Always do good and always remember the goodness of others.

The double impact:

• Well accepted by others (humans)

• Well accepted by God

By often doing goodness, the ego will gradually less dominant, both the ego of others and the ego of oneself. Even bad attitude will be eroded. Hopefully…….

Let’s face 2020 with a new attitude: overcoming evil with good. Then happiness would be with all of us.

To Think Without Thinking Regards,

Eka Wartana

Professional Licensed Trainer (MWS Int),

Master Trainer–The MindWeb Way of Thinking, with 33 yrs managerial experiences in well known companies.

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