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Last Minute – Higher Risk

By: Eka Wartana

Why do people rush to go to the office? Because they left home in the last minute. The rushed attitude invited his virtual “friends”: forcefully overtake the other vehicle, high speed drive, bad words to the other drivers, etc. They become the enemy of the other drivers! The ‘last minute’ acts, could change the behavior of people! Worst, It invites higher risk: accident!

There’s another “friend” of the “Last minute”: lateness.

Why people like to act on last minute? Some reasons:

Very busy, so he is always short of time

• Enjoys procrastinating, prefers to relax first, “There’s still time ….!”

Likes challenges, likes to do activities under high stress.

• Feeling of high self-esteemEverything can be overcome in a short time“.

• Do not bother about priority.

That kind of people might also like gambling (gambling), at least gambling with time.

Last minute actions may not only cause by the above reasons. There is also situation whereby task or problem comes so suddenly that needs immediate actions. This situation is beyond his control.

interestingly, people who are accustomed to ‘last minute’ actions, are usually able to deal with both situations (under his control or beyond). Mentally they are prepared.  People who are accustomed to ‘important, not urgent’ situations (prepare everything before the situation becomes urgent) will be quite mentally struggled when facing such a tight situation.

Last minute people like to gamble with time, even though they realize the consequences of higher risk, such as:

• The risk of lower quality of work, because it is done in a hurry (lack of preparation).

• The risk of errors due to time constraint. They may have to redo the job to fix errors.

• The risk of being late due to unexpected other things that might come up out of control. There is no guaranty that everything runs smoothly.

  • The risk of health. High tension increases blood pressure, that may stop your heartbeat or cause stroke.



Is there any relationship between the habit of last-minute acts with someone’s zodiac? From my own experience, Taurus people tends to enjoy challenges with last-minute actions. And amazingly, they are able to produce high output in a short time. (although it might not be well presented). This is just a personal opinion. Maybe there are other similar zodiacs? Or is it only applicable for Taurus people?

So, what would be your choice?

1. Create critical situations by purpose through procrastinating, or

2. Avoid last-minute actions by proactive actions (focus to important things before it becomes urgent).

First choice should be avoided as you release control of what is actually under your control. And it could affect your health, especially when you have heart problem.

The second one? Everybody could put things under control by thinking on anticipations, predictions of many things. That would ease your life as you put things under your control.

MindWeb Way of thinking can be used to practice our anticipative and predictive abilities. Although this method might not resolve 100% of the situation, many problems can be prevented, thereby saving a lot of costs, energy and time.

In fact, you would be able to solve the problems event before it occurs. It saves time, cost, energy.


“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”


This quote from the Roman philosopher was later quoted by many people without mentioning the name of its creator. So the name Seneca the Younger was forgotten. That is the fate of the ‘creator’, whose work is widely ‘hijacked’ by many people.

Greetings Think Without Thinking,

Eka Wartana

Professional Licensed Trainer (MWS International) with 33 yrs of managerial experience.

Founder, Master Trainer, The MindWeb Way of Thinking


Author Thinking Without Thinking, To Think Without Thinking (English Edition), MindWeb (Indonesian & English Edition).

Training needs:, WA 081281811999

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