Corona Trap

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Corona Trap

By: Eka Wartana

So far, people are very busy producing products and equipment to protect themselves from Covid-19. That’s a very good step. But until when will let you let yourself being attacked by Covid-19?

Famous quote said: “The best defense is attack“.

Why don’t we apply this method to eliminate Covid-19?

But, how?

Create an equipment and media to absorb air droplets into traps. The media contains ingredients such as sanitizers or other chemicals that kill viruses.

The equipment could be put in public places, to draw droplets contained viruses into a container as a trap. Using suction fans would help.

In public facilities like malls, trains, lights, air circulation could be made through filtering media to kill viruses. Sanitizers, other chemicals could be used for this. Laser beam or high frequency sounds would be possible to kill the viruses? I believe this worth for further study.

It might be worth considering also, to have floor to suck droplets. Blowing up the air would cause more problem than sucking down. In order not to disturb the oxygen content in the air, another fresh air supply would be needed.

The above ideas might be one solution to eliminate Covid-19 and to end the pandemic faster.

Difficult? Pessimists always see difficulties in every opportunity. Optimists always see opportunities in every problem. So said Winston Churchill.

Make peace with Covid-19? No way!

Let’s fight against Covid-19 by restoring traps!

“A pessimist sees difficulties at every opportunity; an optimist sees opportunities in every difficulty. (Winston Churchill)


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