Competition or Collaboration

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Competition and Collaboration
By: Eka Wartana

People tend to “fight” until bleeding in the “red ocean”. They are wars for promotion, for quality¬† up to price war. As a result: both parties lose money, at least draining the profits.

It would be wonderful if the two parties collaborated with each other, sharing the “cake” so that the “cake” was not scattered.

On the other hand, each party continues to improve its quality, knowledge, skills and competencies. Let the market decide which one to choose: the better one at a higher price, or the other with more economical quality and price.
Together changing ‘red-ocean’ to ‘green-ocean’ with a much better environment (environment friendly).

Greetings Think Without Thinking,
Eka Wartana
Founder of The MindWeb Way of Thinking
Author: Thinking Without Thinking – Groundbreaking Way of Thinking.

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