About The Author

The Background of The Author

ttgpenulisThe author of MindWeb, Eka Wartana, was born in Tabanan, Bali, on February 19, 1951. He has over 30 years experience in various Managerial positions. Starting as an Executive Trainee in Trakindo Utama, Caterpillar, a heavy equipment dealer in Indonesia, he passed the 2-year program as the Best Executive Trainee. Soon after the completion of the program in 1979, he was assigned as Branch Manager in Jambi, Sumatera, Indonesia.
Jambi was the place where MindWeb was born. He created the MindWeb concept there, triggered by complex operational matters in his daily activities. It had begun with drawings to give a picture of the whole situation of the collection problem at that time. All relevant information was written down. Then he tried to find out the relationship between the information. Using this concept, the problem was easily solved. The MindWeb concept has given him plenty of advantages in various applications of management and other general matters.
The MindWeb concept was also used when he was sent to the Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Manila, Philippines for the Management Development Program (MDP) in 1994. He got three out of four awards. He is the only one that got the highest number of Awards from 33 participants from ASEAN countries: Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.
He had attended many training and development programs in his career, as well as visiting various countries for seminars, meetings, trainings and Expo: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Peoria, Myrtle Beach (USA), Melbourne (Australia), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Malaka (Malaysia), Sagamihara & Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore. All this has given him a very widespread amount of experience and knowledge, also exposure to different cultures in those countries.

It has been his hobby to develop people since his first career began. All his knowledge was shared with his subordinates and colleagues. To see these people grow has given him a certain kind of happiness. Many of his ex-subordinates have discovered their potential, which were unknown before. They were also trained to improve their adversity quotient, self discipline, in addition to skills and knowledge. Many of his subordinates have become leaders in various places and enjoy good positions.

After retiring in 2006, the company extended his service with a 2 year contract. But before the end of the second year, he was ‘hijacked’ by the other company with a much better offer.

Until now, he has been active as a freelance advisor, mentor and inspirator. This graduate from University of Indonesia, Engineering Faculty, wrote MindWeb book with the purpose of inviting people to implement a much better way of thinking and leave the conventional one, for a far higher and better result.

Working Experience

  • 30 years experience in various Managerial positions, starting as Branch Manager in 1979 until Director, VP Operation/ Marketing
  • Consultant, Advisor, Mentor in various companies: PT Dremco, PT Metal Inti Presisi, PT Ekpress Aerospeedindo
  • Profesional Licensed Trainer, Inspirator dan Mentor.
  • Mindweb Trainer , have conducted MindWeb Training for various companies, institutions: PT Altrak 1978, PT Guna Elektro, PT Sukses Makmur Pratama (Medan), PTSukses Makmur Jaya (Surabaya), PT Sari Murni, Santa Maria (Surabaya), IPMI (Alumni S2), Dep Dalam Negeri, Fakultas Teknik Atmajaya, Danone Aqua, Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia, Teras Kota & Hotel Santika Serpong, Agung Podomoro, PT Primaco, Public Training in Denpasar (Bali), Public Training (Exploring MindWeb) in Jakarta, etc.
  • Mini Workshop Series Trainer (MWS International)